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    Sealing plate/grate


    What's the best way to seal this gap? 5200 and sand it down? What about the plate along the sides and since the plate is cut, what's the best way to seal where its higher (more recessed) than the hull? Also, how much speed do you think I'm losing running like this?
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    yea, you will have to seal that real good, what happened to the hull around the grate, looks like someone been using it as levarage. Some clear silicone will work, parts store

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    ya, I had to pry the stock grate out. It had so much sealer in it. Even after cutting it out with a knife, still had to pry.

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    next time use a c-clamp or "come-a-long" and Pull the grate off with straps. Use the trailer axle or a 2 X4 across the frame for support.

    You need to fill in the gaps with 3M 5200 but first grind down the grate to fit better and level it.. also fill the holes.

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    You can also use plastic wedges that will not harm the hull, grate or plate.

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    I'd use Marine-Tex to fill in the chunks taken out of the hull, and sand smooth to match the contours of the undamaged hull - or you can have it professionally repaired. And straps are the way to go when removing the stock grate. A good 1 1/2" tie-town strap wrapped around the bars at the back of the grate and slowly winched tight will do the trick. If you need to pry the grate off then remove the ride plate and use a pry bar and 2x4 from behind - save your hull! You should only need this kind of force the first time you remove the grate. Honda glues the grate to the hull as if they never want it to come off.

    Personally, I believe in not filling in the gaps between the grate and plate and the grate and hull. Silicone touching water is bad for speed, and as long as the intake grate is sealed where it meets the hull along the pump tunnel I don't see any benefit in adding more silicone.

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