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    another "where;s it leaking thread"...

    Alright, took the ski out last weekend for the 1st time this season.

    2000 GTX

    We ran it all last summer with no incidents; I winterized it last September, where it then sat in my basement all winter.

    Last Saturday I put new plugs in, installed the freshly charged battery and we hit the lake. We also have a 2002 GTI (3 kids, wife + me= 5)

    We ride for about an hour, find a beach, anchor, kids play in the beach, we cook some hotdogs, marsh mellows, standard kid crap, etc. then about 7:00 we load back up to head back to the marina where we put in at and notice that the 00-GTX (the one in the avatar) is semi full of water.

    Of course we check that the plugs are in, which they were, but there is to much water in the ski to start it(well it wouldnít start), the sun is fast setting and I need to get the kids off the lake so my wife takes the kids back to the marina and I start bailing water out, long story short, it was a little cooler temperature wise and my wife didnít feel comfortable leaving the kids with anyone at the marina. We were hoping to see some people we knew that we could leave the kids with and then return and pick me up. So I was stuck out on the island for the night (thank god I brought a cigarette lighter for fire) & we had a couple of dry beach towels.

    So Sunday my wife drops the kids off at my folks and comes back out to get me, in the AM I was able to dig a little trench onto the beach and pull the ski up into it so that I could turn it over and drain the bulk of the water out. (that was a lot harder to do with my daughters plastic beach shovel believe me!)

    But we were able to tow it back to the marina with the other sea-doo, and I donít think it collected any more water on the ride over but its hard to tell because I couldnít get all the water out of it while on the beach

    But here is whats weird to me is that we had the doo anchored for about 3 hours and it didnít look like it was sinking any, it wasnít until we climbed on it that we noticed it was full of water. Could I have hit a line when I winterized it that would have caused it to leak while it was in the water?

    We have the kids on with us most of the time so we ride fairly slow, it didnít flip over or anything, hell I donít think I even got it past 30 mph the whole day to be honest.

    I have not gotten a chance to look at it yet & I read the other thread, but do I basically need to check all the lines and look for one thatís torn, disconnected, etc ?? Hopefully its that simple, I hate to start the season out in the shop.

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    Mr. Y

    I would look at the carbon ring.

    Back the ski in the water and keep the hold down straps on, so you float the trailer off the bottom of the lake as you get the ski wet.

    That will provide alot of water pressure to the hull and if it is a carbon seal leak water is likely to come in.

    Try that first........

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    My guess would be the carbon seal where the drive shaft goes through the hull. It could also be the bailer tubes or cooling lines. my rxp took on water when one of the bailer pickup tubes came detached from the 1-way check valve. Look for 2 clear tubes towards the rear of the ski, follow them down to the bottom of the hull where they connect to a black pickup. It's going to be harder to check the carbon seal but look for a rubber boot where the drive shaft goes through the hull. Make sure it's making full contact with the metal plate attached to the drive shaft.

    Good luck! If it happens again don't ever attempt to start it. I always check the bilge before starting my ski just incase there's too much water in there. You know they say, once bitten twice shy!

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    10-4, thanks for the info I will take a look at those items first.

    May have to hit the boat ramp up during the week while its not to busy..

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    It ended up being that where the cooling hose clamps to some other hose had come loose, so I replaced the clamp and re-attached, and all is well.

    It wasnt easy to get to, but I would hate to see what the stealership would charge to re-attach a damn hose!

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