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    Valve Train Update is it needed???

    If your running in calm to 3'' chop and running at 8450 rpms with these big stage 3 SC AND ECU'S that rev up to 8600 . and as long as you keep your rpms down under 8400, is the valve train needed???? I dont jump or beat on my boat, only speed runs and drag racing.. trying for 80mph.. thanks Jim

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    Better be safe than sorry get them.

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    My opinion is that if you run an aftermarket ECU with higher rev limit then you need to make sure the valvetrain can handle the R's your engine is capable of.

    Is the risk of completely destroying an engine worth the few dollars you save by not updating the valvetrain?

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    thanks ,I knew that was going to be the answer,just wanted to throw it out there...

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    Do it for sure you will float it.I know of a few that ran 8,350 and when the pump unloads you can't let off fast enough.I run the Rotax light weight or you can do the more expensive Riva both will work great.

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    The closer you run to the limiter with your prop the LESS likely it is to go more than 100 rpm over the limiter...I have a tattle tale in the Igni. 8250 W/ 8600 limit will over rev. it every time.

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