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    99 kawasaki 1100 stx - back pressure blowout

    Spent the day on the lake on my recently purchased Kawasaki 1100 stx w/ 125 hour on it. Ran fine all day. Suddenly sputtered made a pop sound, then reved up and shut down. I found that the rubber tube from the exhaust pipe to the muffler blewout as well as the fitting at the top of the exhaust where you can connect a garden hose for woking out of the water. Actuall broke the fitting off with the threads inside. Looks like pressure built up in the muffler. Does this seem common or can occur? Any suggestions for removing the remaining part of the fitting still screwed into the exhaust? Should the muffler be replaced? Best place to buy parts? I called a Kawasaki delear they wanted 28.95 for the tube and fitting a piece and 239 for the muffler.


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    Almost sounds like you stopped up part of the cooling system or the fitting broke off and dropped the presure in the cooling system. That would have overheated the exhaust hose causing it to blow out. As far as getting the broken fitting out you can use a flat blade screwdriver and a hammer carefully tap on it just like you were unscrewing it. Be carefull not to damage the thread. Ebay is always a good source for parts lots of stx/zxi 1100 parts even some of the 900 parts are interchangeable.

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    Thanks for the advice.

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