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    96 Sl900 Won't Start?

    I resently bought a 96 SL900 and during the first ride the engine cut out after 10 minutes of riding. When I tried to restart, the starter just clicked. Is it locked up or could it be electrical? I checked the battery leads.

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    Take the black cover off of the coupler (where the drive shaft goes into the engine) and see if you can spin the coupler by hand. You should be able to.

    Let us know what happens.

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    Ruh UH, sure sounds like a seized engine. I hope you find it rotates...if so, check compression and get bac k with us.

    Oh and Welcome to the Green Hulk Forums.

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    Ugh sounds too familiar to my 900...

    First ride out and bewm.

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    i had the same prob w/my 97 sl900. check the battery again. it was simply changing the neg battery cable end which had corroded and putting in a new battery. it started right up after that. i guess i was just a little lazy on the reg maintenance of wifey's ski. good luck

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