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    Question 10 Hour oil change - Speedster 150 SCIC

    A quick question ,, I have done about 12 "on the water" hours on my boat, however the boat hour meter only reads 3 hours

    Would you wait until the boat reads 10 hours or should I get it in now for its 10hour oil change / check ??
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    First Oil Change

    If you know you have about 10 hrs running time on the engine(s), then it's time.

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    Did mine at 5hrs, which was about 15 "on the water" hours. Don't worry, after break-in, when you're wide open most of the time, the hours tick by plenty fast.

    '07 Speedster 150 SCIC

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    dont rush the first sevice let everything do what it is going to do in the first 10 hours of run time .......then change it

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    10 Hour Oil Change

    I didn't have an hour meter for 2006 Sportster during the break-in period so I kept an hour log. After I logged 10 hours of running I changed the oil. Let me tell you I could have done it a little erlier because that oil was beat!! Filter was also plenty dirty and I even found some tiny metal particles on the bottom of the oil filter housing. So when you do it look down into the oil filter housing with a flashlight and make sure you remove all the metal particles trapped on the bottom of the housing. Have a great summer

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