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    Can Turbo work on Yamaha 2stroke engines or fx 4stroke?

    Out of curiousity, can a turbo work on any model of the 2-stroke yamah engines or on the he Fx's? If so would it have to be a specific turbo?

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    I'm sure it could be done but how i'm not sure.... it would more than likely have to be specific to fit that motor.

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    For the right amount of $$$ anything is posible!!!!

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    Its possible on the 2 stroke but not worth it. People have turbo charged 2 strokes before but I don't think the results where very hot. 4 Stroke! YOU BET!

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    wonder how long my reeds would last with 10 psi of pressure trying to push them open turbo may have worked OK on the old sea doo that used the "Pizza valve" (looked like a pizza with one piece missing and it spun acting as a reed/valve)

    Also tripple pipes are the same concept as a turbo.. just pull not push!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodneyae View Post
    For the right amount of $$$ anything is posible!!!!

    Aint that the truth!

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    Put the turbo on the FX cruzer would be easy....

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    yes you can. talked to many guys who have them on sleds and all sorts of other two strokes.

    its time, time, and money.

    imvho, there is more to do to make more power out of these old "outdated" 2 strokes....which only a few have recently tapped into.

    watch for bigger and better speeds from the ol' two stroke platforms in the near future.

    dont try to reinvent the wheel unless you have 10k sitting around for custom parts that may fail. you can get easiear to tune power for about a 3rd of that.

    imho of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JordanHaye View Post
    Out of curiousity, can a turbo work on any model of the 2-stroke yamah engines or on the he Fx's? If so would it have to be a specific turbo?
    thats the same thing i asked

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    in theory of power output potentials, a turbo would certainly help a 2 stroke with little to no adverse effects.

    Someone else already mentioned it, but the biggest issue to get around is the valve timing. Everyone but SeaDoo uses reed cages on the intake tract, which have no chance of surviving anything over 1atmosphere of upside pressure. The Rotary valve on the seadoo would be the best way to do it since that is a hard open / hard close intake tract, and certainly has the ability to hold back the compressed intake charge.

    I was going to try and turbo the raider until I figured out the reed cage issue, so it's back to square one. I don't know much about availble seadoo engines and what will fit in my hull so I'm starting over.

    for a DIY system, I was able to find a small hybrid turbo setup. It was a Greddy TD04 compressor housing (air in, air out) with the exhaust side impellor cut off and a pulley mounted on the shaft instead. I haven't done the math yet, but I was thinking of making a mount for the front of the engine that uses the oil injection shaft as the drive mechanism. I just haven't been able to determine if 6K RPM's is going to give me any signifigant CFM output through the turbine. This eliminates the necessity to make custom exhaust manifolds to run the turbo.

    I've got a ton of stuff on my plate, so I'm ont sure when I can get back on this.

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