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    Octane Boosters

    I gather that the Ultra needs at least 91 octane. I can fill up with 91 at the gas station on my way to the launch ramp but the marinas on the water only sell 87 octane. Is it safe to fill with 87 and add a bit of that "octane boost" stuff sold at auto parts stores? Any brands of booster better than the others?

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    I wouldnt trust any octane boost, from what i have read it only "boosts" the octane by tenths of points.The 250 requires a minimum of 90 octane.

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    Use toulene. Do a google search and you'll see that it's used quite successfully in a number of applications requiring higher octane and it's available at most commercial paint stores. Don't recommend it for everday use but it's nice to have for just the situation you are describing.

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    Moroso used to be about the only commercially available booster that worked. But I think they took it off the dangerous to use because it was very poisonous.


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    Moroso used to be about the only commercially available booster that worked. But I think they took it off the dangerous to use because it was very poisonous.


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    Fuel Additive

    The best fuel addative on the market is Klotz's Octane booster because it can boost the octane rating up to ten points, its a water absorber, injector cleaner and a fuel stabilizer. The web site address is I spoke to one of their Technical Sales reps, Jared Booth at Atco drag strip last year and have been using it in my boat, ski and snowmobile evey since. I was the only boat in my marina at the end of last year with no water in my fuel /water seperator. If you want more info you can call Jared at 260-490-0489 ext 238. He can tell you were to purchase it or answer your techinal questions.

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    Thanks for the tip. Can you tell me how much toluene you add per gallon of 87 octane to get the right mix? What about if I run the tank on 91 til its 1/2 full and then refill at the marina with 87? Does it really hurt the ski to run on just 87 every once in a while?

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    Fuel Additive

    Thanks Allan. I am going to check out the Klotz too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J-ME View Post
    Ditto on the Torco. We have a local,and very highly respected performance shop that tunes alot of Turbo and Supercharger cars for local racers and performance enthusiasts and offer a "Torco Tune". They can give a more aggressive tune,more boost,more ignition, etc. for pretty impressive horsepower gains using the Torco octane booster over 93 octane. There use to be lots of skeptics about it, but after a few dyno days and track results from customers we now have a lot of cars running around here using torco

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