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    99 1100 ZXi Water in engine? Need help!!

    I just bought a 99 1100ZXi and there is water in the engine. I have taken the flame arrestor and carbs off, and used a shop vac with a small hose to clean out everything I can get to from there. The shaft will turn, when it is hooked up to a battery, which did not have much of a charge, it would turn over. I dont know alot about these skis, so I dont know where to go from here. Could I just make sure its clean like I have, let it air out, then put the carbs back on and the plugs in, and try to crank it up? Or is that a bad idea? Can I try to crank it with the carbs off? And when I hook the power up, should any of the lights or gauges do anything? Sorry, but I am new to this ski. I have a 2000 yamaha XL1200 but never had to work on it. So this is a first to me. Thank you and any advice would greatly be appreciated.

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    best bet is pull motor and open the cases
    clean up everything and put it back together

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    When I hooked up the battery, and tried to start it, I had the carbs off, and the plugs in, to see what would happened. It turned the shaft, but didnt crank like my other ski does, that one works fine. What should happen in that case I just described? With the carbs off, and plugs in, should it crank like it would if it was all together, or do the carbs need to be attached for it to fire? Thanks

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    it should turn over normal, like a ski that works

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