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    Battery for MSX 150

    Hello guys,

    This will be my fourth season with the MSX 150, it has been a good pwc thus far.

    I may replace the battery before the season begins. I don't have a brand in mind yet, but I am thinking YUASA. Is there a specific model that I need?

    I checked the service manual, is states 12a 19v. Is that all I have to look for?

    Any specific battery recommended?


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    The higher the cranking amps the better starting and longer life you should get out of the battery. I just converted mine to the SD monster battery with 585 cranking amps, I think the stock is 285??
    I use Inerstate but I'm sure it's just a reboxed Yuasa

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    Thanks Ph2ocraft,

    I crossed referenced to a Odyssey PC 625, two year warranty. Little bit more expensive, but it sounds like it is worth the extra $. You usually get what you pay for.


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    i would go to one of the battery shops there in town an compare all of em ,

    price vs. cold cranking amps ,

    your battery will only last as long as you take care of it an have a trickle charger for those time your not useing it for longer than a week or so

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