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    prop help....

    rear air intake
    rr sc impeller ceramic bearings/metal washers
    re b/o
    riva grate
    riva wedge
    skat 14/19 3 blade (older version) 1mm taken out of it
    thats about it as far as performance

    speeds were run with half tank of chity 4 month old gas mixed with some fresh 91, horrible cross wind 10-15 mph, air was around 70, and water was around "f*ckin cold" temp!

    decent day on the water, my boost gauge is still reading about 5lbs of boost so i think either the gauge wont read past 5 or the vacuum line i used is too big (dia). i think i used 1/8" vacuum line, i didnt use the really skinny plastic line that came with the gauge. could this be my problem? i did buy the gauge used so it could just not work properly.

    with the skat 14/19 3 blade i was running 7600-7650 rpms. prop was way too tall. but hole shot and accel was really good. i ran 72.3 on the seat. keep in mind that i am missing 400-450 rpms...

    i swaped the skat 3 blade out for an out of the box beat up solas 14/19. i was at 8150-8200 all over the limiter. i could feel it hit the limiter then back down then hit the limiter again. i hit 73.9 with this prop and could use some pitch to get me off the limiter.

    so the question is...can the 3 blade be pitched enough to me to 8100 rpms? or should i just run the 14/19 for the time being....?
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    forgot to mention the REs. best $$ i have spent on my ski so far!! hands down.

    the hook up and handling through chop is fantastic, i was going over 3' chop at wot and not coming unhooked. the buck is gone aswell...deffinatly a must buy!

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