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    99 gp 800 needs a wake up.

    ok folks ive got a 99 gp 800 that runs like dream..its mostly stock just an r & d ride plate and intake grate.

    its my second the one the lady friends ride..and the buddies it obviously much slower than my gpr but id like to give it a couple mph to get it a little closer what options do you recomend?

    mind you im not going to break the bank to make it that much quicker but..anything reasonable...if i were to prop it what would you go with? feels dull out of the hole like if i wanted to pull a tube it would struggle?

    thanks fellas...


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    Post some questions in the old school section. A forum member over there (cfgp927), knows alot about the 800 motor. Your cheapest route will be to raise the compression and get reeds.

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    First off...what kind of money do you want to throw at this project? That'll help me, to help you. A good running Gp800 should be seeing'll take forever to get there if it doesn't porpoise. How much faster than that, depends on how deep your checking account is. Keep in mind that the GP800 is fairly high strung to begin with (ie..raised port timing, aggressive timing curve in CDI, fairly large carbs (44mm). It can benefit from slightly higher compression, but not without addressing some other issues. Give me a target budget and I'll try to help. I may even have some parts for you to purchase....LOL.

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