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    need help motec kawasaki turbo map

    looking for a kawasaki ultra 300x motec turbo map ?

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    motec is usually pretty helpful..... don't know or haven't heard of anyone running stand-alones around here other then haltech's. smokey uses the mega squirt but his is N/A 15F style i believe

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    I have a std map that will work for the stock engine assuming M1
    Even if someone had a turbo map it would be of no use to you unless they had the IDENTICAL injectors, fuel pressure set up, comp ratio, turbo exhaust housing etc etc etc.
    And then there is which fuel you are using, this also makes a massive difference.
    All these thing effect the numbers in the maps.
    It needs to be tuned.
    If you have it running on a MoTeC now then make sure it has the lambda working and then you can start to tune it.
    I can give you a map with a starting point if you have it going now and you tell me the following

    What size your injectors are and at what pressure
    What size are the stock injectors
    What is the fuel
    What is the comp
    What is the fuel pressure and does it have a boost hose on it.
    Even after all that it will need tuned by someone with a few clues



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    i try to use a M400 unit but i'm not able to start anything ,the harness i have have one square peaces with write kawasaki 300x and also the bosch unit but don't have the pulser that i see in your 250/260 catalog do you think i need it ?
    thank you for your help
    regards Paolo

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    hi Pete can i fit your standard m1 map in M400 ecu?
    i have the lambda and also the egt sensor and should be a good starting point.

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