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    05 Yamaha vx 110 recalls?

    I've heard there have been recalls on the 05 vx110 yamaha. Our local Yamaha dealer says no, but I've heard there was a recal on the Timing chain tensioners and on the seat housings , or the plastic tray cracking and collapsing into the engine compartment. If anyone has heard anything, I would appreciate feedback on these items, thanks, Rick

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    This was sent to me .Hope it helps
    Make sure the air intake rubbers are changed for sure .Insist on keeping at least 1 of them for later on .

    Bulletin number WR2006-004
    primary ID #F1k819500 and below were affected.

    not sure if all this is relevant to you, but in the States there was a Technical Bulletin released for the 05 and 06 VX110. The bulletin # is WR2006-004

    -Redesigned cam chain tensioner - after many hours of use, the internal spring may fail. From what I've seen, this typically occurs after 300 hours of hard use (i've only seen it from rental skis so far)

    -Updated intake manifold -
    the rubber portion may develop fine cracks as a result of contact with certain types of fuel as well as the effects of engine vibration

    -Redesigned steering arm
    - the tab on the steering arm could wear over time, resulting in extra handlebar free play

    Your model might only need an updated intake manifold depending on when it was produced. Contact your dealer to verify which updates your model needs.

    your dealer needs the primary ID # located inside the hull on the sticker. it should start with "F1K- ..." to check if it falls within the models needing the updates.

    also, the 05 models have a technical bulletin out for seats cracking. if your seat develops stress cracks in it, yamaha will replace your seat for free with a reinforced seat. your seat MUST have stress cracks in it to be qualified for a new seat.



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    thanks for the info Bernie. I will talk to my dealer about this to see if I need to do anything about it . Rick

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    05's had numerous problems, mine did for sure.

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