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Thread: gti 4 tech 2006

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    gti 4 tech 2006

    hello, i'a new on your site and very impress about the quality of it . good job. i come from lac st-jean (québec , canada). i have a gti 4 tech 2006 (130 hp) ,and i would like to wake-up it . what can i do for first and not very expensive to get more hp. thanks bt.

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    you can try to build it into a 2007 GTI SE that has 155HP... or a Rotax Racing normally aspirated setup

    the big things are you need an ECU, camshaft, and a new prop to wake that ski up bigtime... all the little stuff is really just going to be little gains. Not many parts available for that machine on the market. if you want to be competitive and fast then it may be in your interest to look into a machine with more horsepower.

    there's a company up in Toronto, Canada... called Race Tech. Mark Underwood is the owner and mechanic and one of the best in the industry... see if his product line still offers an ECU for 2006+ normally aspirated machines and if it would work on the 130 HP 4-tec. Rotax Racing used to have an ECU targeted at the 155HP NA machines, so maybe you can build that ski up into a 170+ hp normally aspirated setup. Unfortunately i have a feeling they discontinued parts for those machines

    Race Tech
    Mark Underwood

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    but for small stuff... you can get rid of the OPAS system, get a new prop, get rid of the stock air intake system and put a big marine K&N air filter directly on the throttle body, and look into the cost of upgrading to a 155HP camshaft and ECU... it's not gonna be cheap

    and PS... welcome to the forum.

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    here is a link to a discussion we have been in for a while.


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