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    Truth or Farse??????

    Is it true there is a 10hr break in before the computer lets the engine full open up?? (ive heard this about ski-doo snowmobiles also)

    Ive got about 8hrs on my boat and rpms still wont excede 7800rpms..

    My dealer hasnt heard anything about this contraversy..

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    Ive been told this something similar to this also. The version I was told for a 07 SeaDoo boat was that is when you bring it back to the dealer for the 10hr check that they hook it upto the BUDS system and change it from break-in operation to normal operation. Last year when I purchased a 06 RXT I was told the computer in the ski changes operation mode once it hits 10hrs.

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    I have hear of it but i didn't see any difference on mine! But change the air intake and that bay will scream to the limiter!

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    I know nothing of the watercraft, but Bombardier officials eventually did confirm this to be true about the snowmobiles.


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    My performance/RPMs didn't change after the 10hr service. For me, it was like I heard, more of an automatic gradual improvement. I understood that the engine timing starts with six degrees retarded timing and +5% fuel flow, then slowly moves into spec. Between 5 -7 hours, your engine should be done with that. With the stock intake, stock prop, and 80F, I was only turning 7800. You know what you have to do.


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    I don't think so. My RXT ran 8150 RPM right out of the box @ 66.7 mph.

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    The 150 is 500lbs heavier than an RXT with much more hull in the water producing drag; makes the difference. I wish we weighed what an RXT weighed.

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    Heard the rumor on the 06's also

    I never saw a change at 10 hours and have not heard of hard evedence to support the rumor. I do see 200 RPM difference depending on passenger load and ambient temp.

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