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Thread: Air Suppy

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    Air Suppy

    Whats the best air supply for a 05 GP1300R.

    Holes in hood and Bucket.

    Remove Buck Totally riding in smooth water.

    Leave buck in untoucheed.

    Washers under the hinzes and holes in bucket.

    At the moment the ski is runnning strong with the buck untouched and in.


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    i would leave the bucket(untouched) in if you want to do a speed number simply take it out and when your done put it back in. i cut out both plastic black in vent areas/fairings. plus make sure your bilge is good to go keep the screen clean.i would not put washers under the hinges. i did and keep taking on water...........Ross throttle body does not like all the air comming in which is a plus cuz less chance getting water in
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    If riding in smooth coditions and and no water gets in and for best results without TBs Modd bucket out.


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    Good question... anyone know the best way to get air to a 2000 XLL?? I removed most of the extra dryer hose in there but what is the best way to get it more air? I will remove the buckets for speed runs of course...

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    well u could do this.

    Add a scoop to the front of your hood and then run ducting to the front of the hull.

    Similar to the riva kit for the RXP.
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