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    93 SL750 Replacin gaskets

    ight here goes. i have a 93 sl 750. i started rippin her apart. i need to replace the exhaust manifold gasket that is so hard to take out can anyone help me and tell me how to take it out. thanks much

    i just took the cylinder off number 3 cylinder and it seems to be seized. im not for sure tho. i wiggled the piston a little and it started to loosing up is it a possibility that it is rusted or a bearing is out and will it still run if a bearing is still out

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    D, The good news is the manifold it the toughest thing to do on the entire ski. I usually use a shorty 3/8 ratchet so I can get down into the manifold area.

    If a bearing is bad or you have something that's sticking and you try to run it very long, the result are usually pretty catastrophic.

    When you get it apart can you get us a photo of the damage?

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    ya ill try and get a picture. but yea i dont know if im goin to stick a whole lotta money into it. i got the exhaust manifold off it was hard. now i got the cylinder on number 3 and the piston is stickin like i said so im just sanding it down right now and gunna put everythin back together see if it runs then if it does ill worry about it. i only paid 150 so its no loss really

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    So the piston and cylinder is all scarred up and down?

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    the cylinder is all rusty. i dont have a honing tool so im going to take 440 grit and sand it down. then vacuum out the rust. put it all back together and try to start it. how much did it cost to rebuild ur ski

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    Welcome to the hulk. You should inspect all the cylinders. If one is rusty, then all will prob be rusty. The crank may be rusty too, if so, that's not good. A rebuilt crank alone will run you $400-$500 depending where you have it done. And a piston kit will be almost $300. You'll prob want new fuel lines ($20), rebuild fuel pump or buy a new one ($12-40), a fuel selector valve ($27) and carb rebuild kits. ($120 for all 3 carbs) This is what I would do to make it reliable again.

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