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    Replace Oil Seals on Powervalves??

    In the book it says to replace these every time you remove the powervalve shafts. What do you guys think?

    Also is the headgasket reuseable? I assume not.

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    hi chris

    i have used the head gasket again while waiting for carl to send another and ended up leaving it in for over 20 hours..
    all said i would not of used it if i had a spare new one to hand..

    cant help with the power valve issue as i have a 05 but i would change for what they cost.....

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    why not replace oil seal they are cheap, and will keep oil sludge from gettin all over if they leak
    I've reused head gaskets but again the price is low so its cheap insurance

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    I reuse head gaskets if they still have all their coating intact especially pay attention to the area that seals around the cylinder. I only use the oem ones.

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