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    WTB 2 new leftover hondas in ca

    im looking to purchase 2 new leftover hondas on a trailer in california . what price should i be paying otd as i will be a cash customer?

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    in pa, 2004 leftovers[r12x] go for $6200, and 2007 double loadrite trailer goes for $1198,may give you some idea of east coast prices.

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    California always seems to be more expensive. I got my 05 f-12x GPScape by itself OTD 9700

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    2004 leftover R12X

    I just purchased a new 2004 leftover R12X for 9900 OTD with a double triton trailer, 4 yr warranty and cover.

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    HI Tom, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!!
    Try here

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    If you can find one in cali I would think probably around seven grand since the demand is higher, over hear you can get them for 7k out the door but that was out of season too, I know you can still come by those deals they are just more scarce.

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