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    Well Fellas... besides UPS messing up my blower upon delivery my chipping the discharge hat.... the shop said its unrepairable so I will be buy a new unit this weekend...fml its always something.Once its strapped on Ill be finishing up my setup.

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    I would be chasing the person who DIDNT wrap it well enough...........they should be replacing it for you.............

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    I got UPS to replace it, It will be landing today .Needless to say I'm pretty stoked about it.

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    Happy Monday everyone,

    Well its been ages since I have been on the water due to me having to purchase a new supercharger.
    This weekend I hit the water with my new supercharger, new straight through exhaust, Forge Dv valve (makes a cool sound too lol)and finally some Riva Sponsons and Twin Prop reinstalled. So let me first say I was on the ski for about 2-3min before the exhaust coupler blew out ..not in it came undone but as in it blew a few holes in none sense smh. Before it blew out I was seeing 19.5# of boost in 88 degree weather. The ski finally rips, makes the boost I have been expecting. I have some couplers made for diesel trucks coming this week that are rated for 100psi so I'll be putting her together as soon as the goodies are in. I can tell everyone this, its much faster than it has ever run. 14ish# to near 20# is a significant difference . I'm still trying to catch a little luck w this damn thing lol...always something
    My bud has the same setup as me and his ski is moving north of 78mph and its setup for ocean riding still. Ill be posting a complete list of mods and speeds and weather conditions when I can get this thing in running order.

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