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    Wink '99 slth running hot - hellp needed.. =)

    ive been searching the net and this forum - but didnt find anything that really gave me a clue about what is wrong with my machine - but here is "our" little story ..

    i got hold of this pwc some time ago - only ran 25 hours - but i was told it needed a clean of the carburetor - wich i had done - did a test ride and it worked pretty good - for a while - it started not having as much power and smoked more and more on my way to the shore - so i had it cleaned out again - unfortionatly my coling tube had fallen off so the water just flooded the housing and it ran hot - i fitted the tube on and now it starts fine - it runs slowly no problem - at around 3200-3500 rpm's it gives the hot alert again - and if i give it a bitmore it dies instantly ..

    hope some of you techheads out there can give me some advice as the weather here in denmark is fantastic these days and im dying to have som fun with this thing =

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    Are you talking the cooling tube leading to the cooling bar? I'm confused as to what water line was off.
    Did the hull fill with some water? Id so, how full?

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    hard to explain in verbal pictures as i didnt study it so much and this is all strange stuff to me =)
    .. but i guess so - was fallen off a water intake located on back wall of hull and its a " tube (aprox) with some kind of protection on - i think the protection is for it not to bend and block the waterflow..

    - think the hull was about full with water -

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    Where I would start is taking the electrical box apart and checking for water and rust on the back of the board. Let us know what you find and we'll go from there.

    Verify the hose is clear from the thermostat (rail on top of the engine) to the pump. On the oulet of the pump (look at pump opening from the back of the boat), you'll see a plastic screen where the filter enters the boat, make sure it's clean and is one in place?

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    try disconnecting the temp sender quick disconnect lead as see if that changes anything

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    awesome - ill look into it asap and be back here .. =)
    thanx for you help untill now ..

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    if your ride has the check flow valve between the upper large pipe and the lower portion of the pipe( it will be in-line with the rubber hose) take it off and dissasemble and see if the rubber ball inside is stuck, if it is, pop it out, put a little lite lube on it and reenstall it and see what happens.

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