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    Twin piped 951 X4

    Just noticed this forum, so I figured I'd post this up again here.

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    Did you ever finish it, and get it on the water?

    I want to see this bad boy!!!

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    Yeah, he's been out riding it. He needs to get video. Hopefully he'll show up in Charlotte for the race with it,

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    I've not done the gel work yet, as I want to get it dialed in first.

    It has been out on the water, and pulled 7400 RPM the first time out, with very rich jetting. That was also with a coil that was on its way out, so it was losing spark intermittently.

    Was going to get some video yesterday, but ran into a slight hickup. Video should be avail in less than a week.

    Shooter, it will be at the LKN race

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    can you actually get the engine out of that thing if you need to

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    Of course! I just need to remove everything else first....

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    Peice of junk, I beat it last weekend on my 94xp lol...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsolie View Post
    Peice of junk, I beat it last weekend on my 94xp lol...
    Solie, you melon! She is going to LKN this weekend for some real racing

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    got cooling?

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