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    Last Ride of 2005

    Well I had topped off the tank and put some fuel stabilizer in thinking I was going to be taking a break for a couple of months due to weather and the ECU upgrade, and BAM, the temps here in Richmond, VA are supposed to sky rocket to 56 tomorrow. Of course these are probably frigid temps for the boys down South. I'm gonna take advantage of it one last time for 2005 and see if that repitch Jerry gave me takes me off the limiter and passes the 71mph mark....

    Anyone else out there in the N East and Midwest going to get in any more rides in this year? Of course this does not apply to the Southerners or Westerners, you all should get a few more in...

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    36 for a high with several inches of hard water (ice ) on the lake. Nope, the skis are staying in their long winter nap.

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    i'll be riding thru the winter... probably not till after christmas. too much stuff goin on to go ride before the weekend. at least i'm home from school for a month to wrench on the ski.. picked up some items today which will keep me busy

    hydroturf mats
    extended bars and finger throttle
    front storage bin

    waiting on ECU and my solas that Mark has in his possession. will get those back after the update is done.

    have fun riding tomorrow red devil! anxious to hear how you make out

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    Well today stunk!! A beautiful 61 degrees. I go to the lake and the first thing I notice is hundreds and hundreds of birds on the water right outside the wake zone when I pull up. The little bastards are sitting on the slabs of ice that are still there from the previous few cold days and nights. From where I usually launch the ski, I could walk out on the lake from there. Everything was frozen shut to include most of the shore line. Checked the other ramp on another side of the lake and the same thing. I was so ready to test Jerry's repitch and listen to my new thru hull kit. Turned around and went home.

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    damn that sucks!

    By the way, i got my hole saw back today. Thanks!!!

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