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    Dead`Injector or EMM

    Have a 2002 STX DI 1100 that is DOA. I am wondering if a fuel injector fails will it shut down the engine, maybe as a safety precaution. Long story short the ski cranks over but has no spark. If i disconnect the fuel injector on the forward cylinder I then have spark on all 3 cyclinders and it will run on the remaining 2 cylinder.
    Any chance it is a single injector and not the entire EMM?
    Any experience on this would be greatly appreciated

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    Does this no spark condition continue to happen if you unplug any other cylinders and leave the forward connected?

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    If the forward injector is plugged in it has no spark on any cylinder. Once`it is unplugged all cylinders have spark and it will run (less the forward cylinder because the injector is unplugged)

    After looking at your post. If i leave the front cylinder plugged in and remove the others it still has no spark.

    Plugging in the injector seems to shut down the system. Thats why I wonder if it is a fail safe on a possible bad injector????

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