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    Do you need KDIAG for testing your SKI?

    I've been looking all over trying to find the test hardware/software to debug my 2000 1100 STX DI and had some close calls, then after a bit more web searching I found RIVA racing is selling the whole shebang for $69.95
    it's at:

    Looks like it has the SW on CDS and harnesses to test with..


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    More than that is needed

    Well, Not so fast. the Windows CD came in with no connectors.
    the diagram at RIVA racing shows the CD and connectors but reading the description, you realize that it is just the CD so, I went back and found the connector for another $17.. its on its way now.

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    Good to know, thank you for sharing. There is a good chance I will need to pick up a KDIAG setup pretty soon.

    I am looking at the link you posted. If I were to buy it I would have expected the connectors as well based on the picure, I do not even see in the description where it says just the CD. All it says is

    Description: Original factory diagnostic equipment is essential for working on your Kawasaki watercraft.

    Then the picture has all the connectors and CDs. Very misleading.

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    Is that all you need to diagnose? Software and USB cable?

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    OK, so I am picking up a 2002 STX 1100 DI tomorrow that I'll likely need diag stuff for...with that said, do I need the software mentioned here, and what cable to hook it to my laptop? I do have an old XP laptop for this.

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    I called them to ask about this and they said I would also need the interface box which was several hundred dollars, so there goes that idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by dunebuster View Post
    ... test hardware/software to debug my 2000 Kawasaki 1100 STX DI ...
    Which engine control technology is in this machine?
    Is it Ficht EMM?

    If Ficht, then possibly very similar to the Ficht system used on Polaris FFI watercraft. A lot of Ficht diagnosis can be done without the computer software.

    On Polaris Ficht the EMM interface to the laptop is via RS-232 and USB serial port adapter, nothing special other than the weatherpack or Deutsch connector to mate with the wire harness.

    Click on my signature link to find a collection of Ficht info, and links to some diagnostics methods. The Polaris Greenhulk forums also have lots of Ficht related info.

    Some of the sensors and other details differ between Polaris and Kawasaki Ficht, but the overall system is similar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevinz View Post
    I called them to ask about this and they said I would also need the interface box which was several hundred dollars, so there goes that idea
    That's why I invested in Candoo, I ended up doing the same thing, and the cd was not returnable. I leave it on my desk to remind me that nothing is as it appears.

    Most DI problems can be resolved without anything but eyes ears and a good voltmeter. The scanner will save time however

    The kawasaki OEm system is just priced outtasight, even for me!

    Now maybe if I had a rental company with a dozen kawasaki DI machines I'd want to spring for that kinda cash, but there are a number of scanners on the market, some more expensive and nickle and dimey then others.

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