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    Zxi 750 mid range bog

    I picked up a 97 zxi 750 and it worked for one ride. The motor needed to be entirely rebuilt. So it got a complete rebuild. bored 1 mm over , boysen reeds, pjs head milled down. It also has a solas prop and r&d ride plate. When I first got it it would do 55 (on the speedo not gps) both carbs were also rebuilt. When I threw it all back together she runs and idles fine but would only get up to 35 and 40 if I played with the choke. I was 1 turn out on the high speed and it accelerated just fine. So figuring I needed to richen up the mixture I started bay testing it today. By the end of the run I had the high speeds at 1/4 turn out. Now set like this I was getting up to about 42 and 45 if I worked the choke. I'm thinking my pop off is too high? Maybe I need a bigger jet ? Cyl 1 makes 190 psi and cyl 2 makes 180 psi. now with the high speed 1/4 turn in I have an awful bog when I get on it but once it gets past it (if it does without stalling) I was getting closer to its previous top speed. So where do I turn now im at a loss for why I can't even come close to where it was before the rebuild.

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    This is what the new plugs looked like after today's run
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    I would work on getting the low speed set. There is a pretty good procedure at this link from Group K. Once you stabilize the low speed screw and its rpm. Then I work on getting the high speeds adjusted. Do the "Plug Chop" and check the plugs. It takes a long of time and patience to get where you need to be. looking at the plugs, they are almost there, maybe a slight lean. But is more into pricely tuning the carbs.

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