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Thread: 96 xp cavitates

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    96 xp cavitates

    I have a 96 stock XP. Starts, idles and runs fine. The problem I have is
    when I accelerate from dead still the motor winds up but the ski hesitates
    for a moment before it jumps up on plane. Once past 7 or 8 mph
    it goes like a rocket all the way to 55 to 60 mph. Any one have a
    similar problem?

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    have a look at your pump. could be one of several things. either your wear ring is toast, , your impellor is damaged, you need to re-seal the pump shoe or you are missing the foam ring between the pump and pump shoe. it could also be the carbon seal/accordian boot allowing air in, but then you would probably have water leaking into the hull.

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    Not sure if this is any help but my 95 does the same thing if I forget to trim the nozzle down. It tends to jump straight out of the water when I first pin the throttle. Karl

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