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    Question DIY Leo's hole shot kit.

    With the passing of time and Leo not making anymore hole shot kits. I have decided to embark on (potentially provided my ski isn't totaled from a recent land landing performed by my neighbor) create my own. However, I am not looking to create molds and the like but I am asking because I am no body man at present.

    My thought is that I use SMC epoxy resin+fiberglass cut to spec in layers to simply fill in that space. However, I am concerned about weight and want to know what could be used to fill part of that void? I plan to close the hook holes that are in the rear of my ski so those are going away as well. I have thought about using styrofoam but am pretty certain that the resin will break that down in seconds. I have also thought about using a thin plastic bladder of some type to hold air while the first layers of dry. I have even thought about using marine ply but that seems like it would be heavier than just filling it in with resin+fiberglass. Even possibly some sort of marine plastic but am also concerned that adhesion would be an issue.

    What I am not concerned with too much is strength. Th upper decking is def strong enough to bear all the stresses for the most part and the lower half that I am wanting to fill in should only ever have upward directed pressures apply. (I think)

    I am slightly worried about adhesion. I have thought about cutting a few rectangles all the way through the decking and the side of the rail to allow the fiberglass resin a place to bleed all the way through for better strength. However I am starting to think this may be an overkill based on other unrelated videos I have watched. The resin+fiber glass seems like it forms a pretty good bond with a surface that is sanded using a really rough grit sandpaper.

    Does anyone have any tips, tricks advice etc?

    I have had sever

    @Leo Maybe you could chime in?

    Thanks in advance,

    03 GP1300R
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    i would'nt worry much about the extra weight as it will be minimal. but you build the piece from foam first leaving some space for the fibreglass matt and epoxy, glue it in, then epoxy/glass over it. just make sure the epoxy and glue dont react with the foam. if it does you can plasti dip over the foam as a barrier to protect.

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    Do you think corrugated cardboard would work? I have been looking at several high dollar solutions and they don't seem to be much if at all any stronger than corrugated cardboard.

    You also said something about "gluing" it in. I think that plays in to my question a little. If I am not doing Leo's hole shot kit. Do I need to glue it in or can I just rough up the surface of the fill area and lay a few sheets of glass+resin, then the cardboard or other filler solution and then glass it the rest of the way in. I can get corugated cardboard ranging from free-$10 bucks. The cheapest honeycomb solution I found was $100 per yard.


    Thanks for the reply!

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    I have considered doing this for years. I use liquid latex quite a bit at work, and am pretty confident in its ability to withstand the abuse of the water. If turning the ski upside down is something that is easily done in your shop, then simply pouring the latex in place and letting it set would create what you need. You would need to provide some stops to keep it from running all the way up the hull, and out of the holes, but that could be done easily. It may not adhere to the fiberglass gelcoat well so I was expecting to have to peel it out once it set up, then, glue it back in. Just my two cents. You could also use what you peel out as a model for creating the shape from another material if you like.

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    Rolling any jet ski (just about any) is just a matter of modifying the trailer to hold it upside down, rolling it over in the water and placing it back onto the modded trailer.

    I hear what you're saying but I have been reading a-lot and there are a-lot of things that say SMC fiberglass. (which is what my GPR is made from) Won't work with resins and the like because it won't stick to it.

    I also just read a post that claimed the bottom of mine and others that are 03 and newer don't use gelcoat? That they are painted and cleared.. That just doesn't make a dam lick of sense to me. This is getting frustrating already.


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    you might be able to make something work with the plastic corrugated cardboard. just anything to fill the void, as long as you glass over it with enough west epoxy system it will work. the strong the better. also if you're glassing in your rear tie down holes add a tow hook on the ski for trailer tie down. btw leos kits is basically solid fiberglass or epoxy with mesh and a wire running through it for strength, its a real nice piece.

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    Yeah, I wish I could get my hands on a Leo's for my 03 GPR1300... But he's not interested in making them anymore. You have given me some ideas tho.
    I could set my ski level, create the needed stops from clay and fill the back with plaster of paris. Once that dried and out I could reverse mold that, again with plaster of paris. That would give me a replica of the backend and with little sanding and smoothing I could then fill that mold with either resin, or resin+glass or I could do the whole casting process again using something like resin so the mold is reusable. I would probably opt for the plaster of paris version that casts only once. With that said tho. I would still be in a situation where I needed to glass over the pressed/glued in mold that I created. I'm just too picky to leave it exposed in any way.


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    Any update on this? Pics etc?

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