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    750 SX/SXi Limited Pipe and 750 ZXI?

    Hello Green Hulk,
    Its been a while since I posted something. I currently owned a Zxi 750 for many years and I loved it. I had the Group K Hammer kit work done, Swirl Magmum C75 impellar, Worx, and many other mods. Sure I put plenty of money into it and others may frown on just upgrading to another machine. But I enjoy working with it and squeezing all I can get out of it. Currently its GPS @ 57.8 mph.

    Anyways, I am interested in the exhaust for the 750. I like the 750 SX/SXi Limited Pipe from Factory Pipe. I know this is for an SXI 750. The ZXI and SXI should have same water jackets and sizes to make this pipe work right? I assume some modification to route the piping around to the stock muffler. I need some insights if the Zxi and the SXI are the same 750 engine blocks? Or are they road blocks that I may encounter that could make it difficult. Factory Pipe Unlimited were not helpful to say if it can or not be done.

    I seen the R&D exhaust pipe on ebay a few times. It does fit a 750 Zxi. I can't find any reviews or performance numbers to expect on it.


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    The 750 engine was used for a number of years. There were a couple of changes to it: big pin / small pin, which refers to the wrist pins (20mm & 22mm), and single carb / twin carb. Different pin sizes means that the crankshaft assemblies and pistons are different. Some intake manifold used 10 studs, some used 12 (I may be off on the number, but there were two styles).

    You will have to search the parts books for the model year engines in question to see what parts will fit.

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    Hey Steve45, thanks for the information. I went ahead and bought the used R&D exhaust pipe. Glad I did because it helped a lot and get me the additional performance for the low, mid and upper end speeds. Factory Pipe was not very helpful telling me if the pipe would or not work on a Zxi. I contacted R&D and they gave me the instructions and addition the parts diagram. Very helpful company!

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