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    Need to replace pump shoe insert, what else should I replace?

    Well first I wanted to say thanks for all your hospitality and knowledge here! Everyone here has been great. I like this site because it seems to be more in depth and technical.

    So here is my question, I snapped the bolt on the pump shoe, tried to extract with no luck. So since I have to replace my insert, what other mods should I do while I have it open back there? Jetworks? Think low budget as I want to stay married , I have about $800.00 this year with mods below and supplies and she's not real pleased with me.

    I put in a new Solas 13/19, R&D plate, grate and ppk(also new impeller housing, not my choice if you know what i mean). I was finishing up the pump plug kit when whammy off came the bolt. I have the new impeller installed but I haven't bolted it back up yet.

    I did a search for pump insert instruction, but if any body has a link for step by step I mean like something for mechanically handicapped I would appreciate it.

    I'm new so thanks for putting up with me, but hopefully someday I'll be able to contribute and help someone else out.



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    Here's how I got my bolt out of the pump shoe. Grind a small bolt to a point and then mig weld it to the snapped off bolt. It then turned right out for me, good luck.

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