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    Speedster 150 Fuel Usage

    So how much fuel does the Speedster 150 use on a typical day in the lake? I'm curious about the base and supercharged version.

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    I have yet to use an entire tank of fuel on a typical day at the lake, and I have the 07 speedster supercharged version. It typically takes anywhere from 10-16 gallons per day out. If you run it wide open all day then yes you will burn alot of fuel, but I typically have mixed usage and some watersports stuff going on as well so its not to bad on gas.

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    I ran my boat very hard yesturday.. averaging 40+mph.. and i went threw a half a tank..

    THis was over a 6 hr period .. I am very happy with the low fuel consumption, expecially seeing how fast this boat is..

    THe thing that really kills the fuel, is when you do a bunch of full throttle doughnuts..

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    how are you getting 6 hours out of a tank when my rxp gets 2 hours with 16 gallons

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    Cuz on a jetski you are probably full throttle 80% or more of the time, whereas on the boat we might cruise around a bit and pull tubes at slower speeds.

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