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    SS wear ring break-in?

    Hey guys I was wondering if there was any sort of break-in for the clearance between a new prop and a new stainless wear ring. I ask because the clearance between these 2 new parts seems SO close, that I know the prop edges will skim the wear ring to say the least.....and won't this dull out the edges of the blades a little?

    So, I was wondering if it's more healthy to install these parts and crank up the motor for a few seconds, or just install them and drop it right in the water before starting at all?


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    Well Ya can do what I did.... Go to your neighbors house offer him a beer then when yall walk over have em spray the water hose into the grate while you crank it! Budda Bing! I have b/f and not but it wont hurt to spray sum water up in there b/f starting.....

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    Spray wd-40 in there. Then hold the throttle floored and crank it (so it wont start) as long as you dont hear major rubbing, just drop it in the water and go..

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