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    780 carbs on a 750

    I have recently purchased a set of 780 carbs for my 750.
    It has some aftermarket flame arrestors. (Ocean pro) .. I don't think I have to worry about rejetting, I will check anyway once it is running as a precaution Any tips or advice??
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    Please for ignorance issues, keep in mind that I am building my 750. I purchased it in a box. I bought an engine from atlantic powersports (Thanks Jay your a life-saver). I totally rebuilt my 750 carbs, But I found a set of 780 carbs in vgc with aftermarket flame arrestors. I purchased them, Now I am finally putting it all together. I noticed that if I replace my stock flame arrestor, I will have no place to mount my new 3 outlet fuel pump, also I will have to hook the oil pump lines directly to my carbs which dosent seem like a big deal. But where should i mount the new fuel pump?? I know someone here has done this mod, Do i have to have reed spacers like the 780 does? Is this mod even worth doing? I know they both use super bn carbs. But I like the setup of the 780 better. I_E fuel lines, fuel restrictor, anyhow someone please give me their advice..
    Thanks, Michael

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    The jetting will be wrong and if I remember that auction it was the whole carb rack so the 780 is operated (cables ) from the opposite end and no you won't have reed spacers but it is a good mod! Z EDIT I think I found your auction? That rack looks like it is the same as your 750 as in cables are on the correct side so verify jetting and condition and you should be good to go! Z
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    The only reason i purchased them really was a spare set. I broke three screws in Mine when disassembling. I have drilled and tapped them though. I am seriously thinking of just keeping them for my 780. I know the 750 and the 780 are 38mm carbs. So I dont see where the performace gain would be. Do you?? Here is the auction # 170109214510

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    Thats the ones I thought they were! your choice seems like they would be fine! Z

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    The 780 carbs are identical to 750's only jetted differently. The reed spacers are not necessary, but is a good performance mod. The triple outlet fuel pump is also a plus. The 750 have the fuel restrictor in the return line too. As for mounting the the fuel pump, drill a hole through the "rib" between the carb rack and battery box on the side and secure the pump there. Keep in mind you want to keep the pulse line as short as possible, so mount it to the side, but low in the hull.

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    I don't see any pictures here. The 780 rack is supposed to mount the opposite way as the 750. Did you get the 780 intake manifold? It is different. Get the reed spacers if you can.

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    I almost stepped in at the last seconds of the auction. Way to go.

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    Here's where I mounted mine, keep the pulse line nipple on the pump higher than the pulse line nipple on the engine. It should keep oil and other impurities from the engine out of the pump, hopefully that keeps the pump a happy camper. Be sure to keep the pulse line under 12 inches long.

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