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    I took it to the dock, it fired right up and was running good. The water temp was about 55* and the air was 60*. I took it out into the upper Niagara River for a short ride near shore. It ran great but the pump was cavitating, someone had put a SS wear ring in it and the clearance to the impeller was way too much. It could not get up to speed with the cavitation problem, so I brought it in. I ordered a replacement wear ring, not SS, and will install it once it arrives. With snow forecasted for Saturday, I'm done riding for the season, I winterized all my (five) skis. So any more updates to this thread will be cosmetic stuff I'll be doing to it over winter.

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    Well it all sounds good other than the wear ring. The motor is the important thing NE way. Ru going to put a prop on it ?

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    I am not going to change the impeller until I see what this one does first, I want to make sure this will be reliable before making modifications.

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    My seat is cracked and weathered, so I picked up some marine vinyl and stainless T50 staples. My staple gun wasn't powerful enough to sink the staples so I bought an air powered Arrow stapler that uses the T50 staples.

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    Nice work

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    Wow that's freaking nice.

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    Since I finished my 04 SeaDoo GTX SC 4 tec rebuild in October of 2016, I have not had a chance to properly test it in the water. I did put it in the water in October of 2016 for a test only to find that my wear ring clearance was WAY out, and the ski would not accelerate. So the weather here in NY is finally getting nice and I was able to take the SeaDoo out for a real ride. I let it idle at the dock for a while until the engine warmed up, then rode around for about 30 minutes while keeping the RPMs under 5700ish. I installed an oil pressure gauge which temporarily is sitting on the engine, I stopped a few times to lift the seat and see what the oil pressure was, and it was always about 30-35 at idle after warmed up. The supercharger was also rebuilt last year, as it had the original ceramic washers. Luckily my ride was a success, as there was almost nobody out on the water if i had an issue.

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    I decided to recover the rear seat today to match the front that I did last year
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I used marine vinyl, stainless T50 staples, and a pneumatic Arrow stapler. The sun and a heat gun also helped get the vinyl stretched. I left the original cover in place and just went over it
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    It took me about an hour to complete

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