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    Just what I thought. I just bought a std bore block for 584 shipped and it's nice.

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    Priced some 1 mm over Pistons, ..$189 each plus $200-300? machine work, $300 gaskets, bearing, stretch bolts, and I'm at $1200.

    Or buy used std block $600, a used piston $50, gaskets, bearings, stretch bolts $ $950-1000

    I could also buy a used eBay engine for about $1500, and then sell my surplus parts and recoupe about $500... Total $1000

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    1k for an unknown motor or 1k for a freshly built by you motor?.... no brainer.

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    Not much progress to report. The engine is completely disassembled and most of the good parts are on the bench, ignore the GP1300r cylinder in the corner, that is a left over from my rebuild of that machine. The block still has a big hole and smashed piston well, so I'll try to sell it on eBay as a mockup block to someone doing a 4 tec conversion. I was thinking of having my other block which is already .5 mm over, bored to 101mm. I'm not sure if there will be enough material in the sleeves. A stock bore block, used stock piston, new bearings, stretch bolts, and gaskets, is my current plan.
    The intake manifold has a lot of aluminum piston pieces in it, I tried flushing them out but still hear some rattling around. An intake manifold from a 215 with the intercooler is on my shopping list.

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    For some reason there was piston debris and motor oil in my intake manifold. I tried washing it out with the hose, blowing it out with my air compressor, even tried my leaf blower, but pieces kept rattling inside. Knowing that even a small pieceo of metal going through an engine can be catastrophic, I decided to remove the spark arrestor. Supposedly removing this restriction increases boost by 1 psi. That may or may not be true, but mine had to go so I could remove piston chunks from it. Click image for larger version. 

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    All this contemplation? You have a mess, You seem like a smart enough guy to make a good decision. This is the way to go with a warranty imoo

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    Quote Originally Posted by sea-one View Post
    All this contemplation? You have a mess, You seem like a smart enough guy to make a good decision. This is the way to go with a warranty imoo
    Are you a salesman for SBT? I'm sure I can put together a reliable engine for half the cost of an SBT rebuild. $1895 for the engine plus shipping BOTH ways, and my core engine has massive damage and would not be accepted, so that is more money.

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