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    Performance gains from Pre-mix?

    I just removed the Catcon and put a D-plate in my 2000 XLL. Are there any performance gains to running premix instead of the oil injection? I have heard some people mention it in passing but wasn't sure. If so how much are we talking about and does anyone have any step by step instructions to do this on a XLL? Thanks!

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    bout 3 ponnies, or 17 sheep

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    call carl at Island racing, he has a very nice Block off kit, that is around 17 bucks

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    Pre-mix is more for piece of mind than performance. Oil pumps and hoses fail. With pre-mix, you know you're always getting the right amount of oil.

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    Ok should you change your mixture if premixing?

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    Does premix flow through the EFI injectors?

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    Yes it will but you have to buy injector friendly oil...Not all 2-stroke oil is safe for injectors...It should say on the jug somewhere and ask whoever you buy it from...I run pre-mix on my 2004 efi gpr...Right now i run yamalube but am considering switching to amzoil...

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