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    My New RXT runs like Poop part II

    Hope all is well, I posted last week and have some new data. My RXT was running well and then the RPM's just won't run past 6600-6800 range and speed of roughly 50mph. I reported this issue to all earlier but made the mistake of saying RPM's were cutting off at 5500 range, I was off. So not sure if this gives any more data. Could the SC not be working all together and would the ski still run just with much less power etc? Most likley back to the dealer I go this week for drop off.... its a 2006 left over demo with 2 hrs and I had the ceremic washers swapped before I picked it up as everyone suggests.

    also I get the two beeps before I start but if I wait a momemnt the the two beeps is then followed but a burst of three beeps similar to the 2 but a third..... didn't find anything in manual speaking to three beeps.

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    Are you sure the dealer put the washers in ? Sounds to me the SC is not working correctly.Are you getting a low oil pressure light?

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