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    Cool How to install the amp/speakers in the waverunner

    Hi friends

    I am newbie here, i just discover this forum... i ride in south florida.... I will be posting more and more in the next days....

    I want to share with you guys the steps that i followed in the installation of the kick-ass speakers and the amplifier from fullwaveaudio on the waverunner... im still in shock for the power of the sound and waiting for the next weekend to have fun in the water away... it is a totally different thing jumping waves with rock and roll in the background... basically, you dance with the waves... i had a lot of fun! and i and my passenger were able to hear this speakers even at 50-60mph.... im really amazed....

    ok, this were the steps:
    - first, i determine a suitable location....

    i decide to put it in the first fet peg, because i dont normally step there.... i normally ride stand up and when sitted on the jetski, i dont put my legs that high. also, the position of that peg will allow me to point the speakers directly to my ears instead than up or to the sides.

    after some measures, i used a 4" hole saw to make a hole (is there any other use for a hole saw?):

    well, quite there, but my small drill was getting too hot, so i use a knife to finish the job:

    then i went for the hull:

    i needed a bit more of depth on that place, so i did a donut with starboard to put in the back of the speaker, like a washer:

    then after solder the wiring to the speakers,

    I put the speakers in place with some bolts, washers and nuts and some 3m marine sealant to avoid water leaking:

    then, i removed the upper fairing of the waverunner:

    measured the holes for the volume up, down, mute and power on/off:

    drilled the holes:

    inserted the buttons:

    soldier the wiring:

    and put it back in place, sending the cables using the same route as the others:

    after having everything in place, i just connected it to the amplifier:

    put some 3m command and more sealant to the amplifier to fix it on the jetski close to the battery:

    secured the cables:

    and voala, everything is ready for the concert:

    by the moment, i just using my palm treo in shuffle mode in the back comparment,

    but maybe later i will get a sumersible mp3 player and have it in the front. At this moment, i think that shuffle is good enough, as i dont want to be distracted to be picking songs while on the water... i want all my attention in riding and have fun...
    and the installation of the speakers was a lot of fun!

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    Great post! I applaud your attention to detail, great job on documentation. I've thought about putting one on my XLL, even the Crayola maybe; maybe I'll get a chance to check it out soon after I move over to the east coast next week.

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    Question Greetings Picaflor

    Interesting Choice of speaker install location..

    wondering why you went down this route.. gonna be hard to shift this ski with two BIG holes in it..

    Also there's a LOT of water washes over the gunwals there mate..!!

    The consolation prize is you would be able to get some new front foot rests and repair the damage underneath them..

    personally i would've measured the wing mirrors and went and got myself some real nice mid range/tweeter units to fit up in there..

    Then get myself a banging sub and stick that either in the front bucket(not the best location. to flimsy)
    Or find a good spot to fabricate a decent mounting bracket in the hull somewhere..!!

    Hook up that amp and party on...

    Oh and i'm not trying to criticise your work or ingenuity.. i'm actually quite impressed partner..

    Enjoy dude..


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    I would go back and Put a crap load of silicone over all the souldered connections

    looks fun.

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    Great detail. Another post over in the Ultra250 section with a current stereo install.

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    Thumbs up

    hey atleast you'll be the only ski with speakers on the water!! its nice being the only one with something.......unles its like a disease or something

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    Thumbs up

    There are 2 skis with the same stereo system on the water now. LOL... I have installed the same system on my Ultra 250X on May 4th. Seems like we both had the same idea on where to mount things. Nice setup on your ski dude.


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    welcome to the forum ! nice install !

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    Um dude, 1 problem, where is the sub woofer ?

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