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    98 exciter impeller/ reeds

    hi carl
    i have a 98 yamaha exciter 270 twin 135 hp 65u
    what impeller do you recommend all around not just top end
    and what about reeds

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    jac, we usually recommend the Solas Concord 12/18's for that boat.
    Theres a theory of using "staggered pitch" impellers with the exciter. After setting up MANY exciters there is no predetermined correct pitch that we can recommend. Some boats like staggered pitch impellers, some do not. weve even had some with pitch opposite.... just the nature of the beast.
    I suggest to try the impellers "as is" and if repitching has to be done afterward we can accomodate....

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    PS--- reeds, if your not going to go for the V-Force--- keep your stockers. If your looking for a similar cost replacement to the OEM, the boyesens will work fine

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    thanks for the info was just about to call you

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    i would go for the v forec if there the best
    i will be getting the oil lie kit from you soon

    will the boat run better or more power if i do premix

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