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    2000 slx mfd/bogging down

    Alright all, I'm needing some help if you please. I have a 2000 slx with a bad mfd. Now I'm assuming I can live without that, however it seems as though the ski is only running at around 60% ever since the MFD went out. Any suggestions? I've heard it could be a fuse issue, but i'm not sure which fuses to check? Should I just disconnect the mfd all together to see if the bogging down quits?

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    Open the cdi box. Find the cdi disconnect the tan wire or light chocolate milk wire test run. Not the brown wire then the ski wont run.

  3. #3 i talked to the dealer and he said that when the computer fails the ski goes into "reserve" mode- meaning it operates at half power. granted i've never heard of it before but he seemed pretty sure of it.
    is there any way to check the mfd to see if it's the fuse? Arent' there 2 fuses? how do i get to them?

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    Check to see if you're getting power and ground to the MFD.
    Unplug the connector, power should be at position 1 as red/purple wire and ground should be position 12 as a black wire.

    If you have no power to red/purple check the 1/4 amp fuse in the electrical box.

    4 stroker, if you disable the tan wire at the CDI I think you are disabling the limit circuit in the CDI so my question is;
    When the MFD shuts down does it ground the circuit for overheat protection since you have no warning or monitoring systems in place with the MFD down?

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