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    Water in oil and stuck wastegate

    I pulled the turbo on my aquatrax f-12x and when I pulled the oil lines it was white milky oil so I know water is in the oil and the previous owner told me he accidentally got water in it he turned the hose on before starting it when he rinsed it. He said he change the oil 2 or 3 times to get the water out but what is the best way to fix this or flush out the engine? Aldo, the reason I pulled the turbo assembly was because the wastegate door is stuck the actuator is fine so I got hit on the bench and I can take pliers and move it by twisting the wastegate arm but it is stiff, been sprating crc and pb power Lube but anybody know a way to free this up?


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    It should be stiff.

    The proper way to test it is to apply compress air to the wastegate actuator.It should start to move at approximately 8psi and full movement should be about 3/8 of and inch of rod at 10-12 PSI.

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    I have the waste gate moving like it should so, I decided to reassemble the ski and I pumped out the milky oil last night and after work today I'm going to try and get it all back together and flush the oil a couple times, I'm just worried about leaving that oil in the engine. I will run it about 30 seconds or so and drain it and repeat until it is mostly cleared up. Now, what should I check first to figure out where the water is coming from?

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    Exhaust manifold has a crack in it

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    i had this problem. pressure tested the manifold, it was fine. week later the manifold blew out and shot water on the turbo and destroyed it. pressure tested manifold second time and it was leaking

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    I took the ski to a guy down the road who works on skis and boats and he said he would test it. compression was fine so he pulled the motor and just got back with me today and said the exhaust manifold isn't leaking so he's going to check the oil cooler. I might go get the exhaust manifold from him and test it again myself to make sure but what else should be checked? The oil was clean when I got the ski but after a test ride it was real milky.


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    Manifold was corroded through.


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