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    STX 1100 Handlebar Cover Pad

    Will a 1998 STX 1100 Handlebar Cover Pad fit a 1997 1000 sxt? I need a replacement pad but can not find a reasonable 1997.

    Thank you

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    It might. The mounting is different. The '98 & later models had a plastic bracket and a rubber block underneath the cover, which you would have to install. The handlebar holder number has been updated for the '97, so you would have to look at it to see if it's got 2 screw holes in the sides underneath where the handlebar bolts on. This holds the plastic bracket in place.

    Suggest you look at a parts book drawing to see the differences.

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    I have one off a 2002 stxr which will fit, it is in like new condition. let me know and ill get you some pics.

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