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    96 SLT 780 f/a upgrade?

    Would the 96 slt 780 stock airbox and f/a setup be a cheap upgrade compared to my stock 95 restrictor airbox?



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    The newer style F/A flows some very good air, as I recall aftermarket units aren't much better. Be sure to check fuel/air mixture after the change and verify you have no leak at the seat seal.
    I don't remember if you retained the stock oil injection but I think you lose the oil ports when changing the entire F/A assembly.

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    I went pre-mix, per everyone's suggestion on here and PWCSuckmyass.

    I'm going to change out my needle and seats anyways, it's time.... I also want to re-do my pop-off. I need the 65 gram springs and 1.5mm N&S and what kind of PSI for pop-off?

    It's been a while since I've read into it.. and I've never done it. I understand and remember the process.. just not the details.

    It's a stock 95SL750, obviously premix, and soon to have the SLT780 airbox...



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