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    List of available parts for the GP1800

    Here are the parts that are all currently available and fit your GP1800

    Other good parts are coming soon! I will update this list as they become available

    Don't forget to use the greenhulk discount code in the forums online store. It will save you 10% off most RIVA and R&D products, all WORX Racing parts and Solas impellers.

    Genuine Yamaha Service Manuals

    Seat Covers
    Black with Silver Stitching
    Black with Blue Stitching
    Black with Red Stitching

    Genunine Yamaha GP1800 Ski Cover

    Performance Packages

    GreenHulk GP1800 Stage 1 Kit
    GreenHulk GP1800 Stage 2 Kit
    GreenHulk GP1800 Stage 3 kit
    Riva GP1800 Stage 1 kit
    Riva GP1800 Stage 1 Plus Kit

    ECU Tuning
    Dean's Team Reflashes
    R&D Reflashes
    TTO Electronic Tachometer (black)

    Air Intake
    GRF catch can
    Riva Power Filter
    R&D ribbon delete
    Riva ribbon delete
    R&D BOV

    Exhaust Modifications
    Free Flow Exhaust

    Supercharger and Intercooler
    Riva F2 19 psi supercharger impeller
    Riva F1 17 psi supercharger impeller
    R&D billet supercharger shaft
    Riva Gen3 supercharger shaft

    Fizzle Intercooler with either TiAL or HKS BOV
    Fizzle Intercooler with HKS knock off BOV
    Fizzle Intercooler without any BOV

    RIVA Gen2 SVHO Intercooler
    HKS BOV for Riva intercooler
    RIVA pro series engine/intercooler cooling kit for aftermarket intercoolers (Riva or Fizzle)

    Pump parts and Impellers
    Solas 13/18 SVHO Impeller
    Skat Trak Impellers
    Lucky 13 SVHO adjustable pump cone
    WORX pump cone
    R&D adjustable pump cone
    Shaft Holding Tool
    RIVA 12 Vane Race Pump

    Handling Modifications
    RIVA GP1800 Pro Series Steering
    RIVA GP1800 Ride Plate
    RIVA GP1800 Intake Grate
    WORX GP1800 Ride Plate
    WORX GP1800 Intake Grate
    WORX GP1800 Steering
    WORX GP1800 Sponsons

    Parts that are coming soon!
    GRF Front Mount Turbo System
    Riva Pro Series Sponsons for GP1800 January 2017

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    Parts availability listing is updated with more parts and Staged kits

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