Hey all. I need some questions answered about getting the fizzle with my current mods and what supplementary mods I will need to make it right. Currently I have FX svho with deanís stage 2 non intercooler tune, stage one cooling, intake, tj exhaust mod, ribbon delete, Jimís plate, and soles 13/18. I am seeing peak RPM of 8300-8400 RPM as it has been a little cooler here is S. Florida the last couple weeks, and a speed of 80MPH. Now, I want to do the Fizzle and update the tune but my dilemma is, wont I be revving to high with the fizzle? I know it will increase RPM by a few hundred and that would put me at around 8600. Also, is the stage 2 cooling an absolute must with what ill have? Also donít want to do the dedicated line to intercooler. Iím uneasy about drilling through hull. Thank you!