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    Aug 2005

    Whats you're weather like??

    Paybacks a bitch.....but I just walked my dog in t-shirt and shorts ...after a BRUTAL summer....whats it like where you dudes are??

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    Ken, that`s just not right man! Yesturday it rained like a mofo, chilly this morning and sun finally came out, but still damp and cold. Blows to say the least. Thanks for sharing that with us, come on up to NJ, ...PR...

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    Oct 2005
    It's in the 70's down here in Houma,LA,about 30 miles east of jerry.

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    West Palm Beach Florida
    You know my weather! My head is sunburned from our ride on Monday! Good ride!

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    Lake Dunlap, Texas
    Since a week before Christmas and thru today--upper 70s to mid 80s and sunny. Have seadoo-ed every day.

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    Yeah, its like 40 degrees here in Michigan. So I wore shorts today. Kinda gay...tempting to throw the RXP in, throw on a wetsuit, and take a few runs since there's no ice on the lake, but it'll probably drop down below freezing anytime now. I really don't feel like winterizing it again, and besides that I don't want any water to freeze in spots that I can't quite dry off since I don't have a heated garage. It's really pissing me off because I could be out snowmobiling to keep myself occupied until spring, but there's no snow here. The ground isn't even frozen yet.

    I am extremely bored!

    Rex Robinson

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    New Braunfels TX.
    Yes, us guys in the lower states can ride an awefull lot. It has been in the upper 70's and even in the eightys here in TX..

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    Ft. Wayne, IN
    Here is a shot from last week coming home from visiting the in-laws. It is on the North Shore of Lake Michigan. This gives you an idea of my weather
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    Dover, DE... Again :(
    rain. 40ºs.

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    Tampere, Finland
    Here's -15c so about 5 F....(?) and no riding in 4-5 months. Picture is from inside our house to the lake were I ride, as you can see.
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