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    Manual Fuel mixing

    I'm not crazy about relying on my machine to mix the only lub my engine is going to get ... I know it's possible to mix on my own, however; from a mechanics perspective, how difficult is the mod on my ski??


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    Duck soup!!! Buy a oil pump block-off kit. remove the oil pump and drive gear and throw it as far as you can. Install the kit witch is just a plate to cover the opening. Cap off the oil injector fittings at the carbs. Install a 33 ohm resister in the electrical box so the MFD thinks you oil is full or if you leave the oil tank hose clamp the float up. Premix 40:1. Vroom Vroom Vroom.
    Oh snap what craft is this for?? My wright up is for a fuji motor.

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    It's the same with the Domestic engine only there is no insert to throw as far as you can.

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