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Thread: VX 110 Deluxe

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    VX 110 Deluxe

    First off I am a newbie so please be nice. I am going to buy 2 new ski 1 for the family and 1 to haul ASS

    Okay I really like the looks of the VX 110 Deluxe for the family and from what I have read they do around 55 MPH. What do I need to do (spend) to get this ski in the 60's and have great acceleration or would I be better off getting another ski with more stock power.

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    Not a whole lot available for the VX. I would spend more initially and get a more capable ski. If you want a Yamaha, the FXHO will do around 59 stock and easily mods into the 60's. Of course the Sea-Doo RXT and Kawi Ultra are other fast options.

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