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Thread: RR CAM?

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    RR CAM?

    has anyone ran the RR cam with stock porting and stock valvetrain??
    i planned on port matching my heads but thats it, just wondering if the stock valvetrain will hold up or if anyone even knows??

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    "burnwater" on this forum had good results with the rr cam on a stock head. approx 150 rpm gain. i would not suggest using it without the lightweight valve spring retainers and shimming the springs. this will be safe for 8400 rpm operation. we lighten the valvetrain even further for higher rpm use ........8500~9000rpm

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    I love my RR cam. It just rips right up to 8400 r's.

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    RR cam is a must, if you want peak performance, I dont see how Riva doesnt have one in their kit. Out of everything I have done on the RXP the cam has been the biggest gain of all, so far.

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